About Me


My name is Jeni and I’m a mid-30’s mum of an (almost) two year old and step mum to an 8 & 10 year old.

‘Project Energise’ is my outlet to showcase the progress of my various projects. Why ‘Energise’? Well, after starting to study Positive Psychology, I came across the VIA character strengths test – a fantastic view of yourself and what makes you, you. However, they don’t categorise your character strengths as strengths or weaknesses – they look at them as the traits that ‘energise’ you and those that don’t. So for me, my top five strengths were: Creativity, Leadership, Forgiveness, Kindness and Bravery. It’s these parts of my character that really make me get out of bed in the morning. They make me feel me and I love exploring them. On the other hand, down the other end I have spirituality and prudence – it’s not that I’m not strong in these areas, it’s that they don’t energise me when I have to exercise them… so therefore, they are not an effective use of my character.

I loved this explanation – rather than looking at what you’re good and bad at, you look at what makes you feel good to focus on – apparently, it’s been proved that you have a greater chance to improve yourself when you focus on strengths that energise you than those that don’t – and it makes sense that if you enjoy working on something, you’ll spend more time and effort on them. This really spoke to me and being someone who loves being active and outside, the word ‘energise’ held true. My aim is to tackle subjects and projects that really mean something and provide me with th gumption to get up in the morning and crack on with them.

So here we are; at the beginning of this journey. I have a few goals over the coming years and I’m happy to list them to add accountability to them – you have the power to help me achieve them!

  1. I want to widen my own aspirations and career to study Positive Psychology
  2. I want to use the new knowledge as well as undertake a project to develop tools and resources for pre and post-natal women to help them maintain their mental well-being (please see more about this project here)
  3. I am aiming to write several children’s books using my creative skills in poetry

I have changed in mindset quite significantly since the birth of my daughter and of course; having kids always changes your life dramatically, but I have had stark realisation that life moves so quickly and time is so much more important than space and material things. Time to explore opportunities, time to spend with each other, time to share experiences – and my attitude of ‘moving up the ladder’ I had in my childless days has really fallen to the side and replaced with a need to do something worthwhile and more rewarding with my time, skills and talents.

The projects I want to undertake are really important to me and especially the resources for post-natal women – really close to my heart. I hope you will engage and follow me on this journey and see where it goes!