Memo2You board

Memo2You - Spreading positivity, one message at a time.

Memo2You - spreading positivity

The Memo2You board is a neat little product designed mainly for Mums to help them feel a little more positive.

It’s a simple tool that sits near to a baby changing unit in public places at eye level.

Mums can feel very isolated at times and the principle behind Memo2You encourages the sharing of uplifting messages between each other to give a positive boost.

What does Memo2You do?

To engage with the Memo2You board, you’ll be encouraged to:

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror
  • Read an uplifting message written by a previous visitor
  • Leave a positive message for the next visitor
  • Take a card to continue the conversation online

The aim of Memo2You is simple:

  • To feel connected to other Mums in a similar situation
  • To promote positive feelings to improve your day
  • To increase empathy toward others
  • To decrease the feeling of isolation

The Memo2You board demonstrated in-situ. Away from reach of baby, but at eye level for Mum.

The Science behind Memo2You...

If you’d like to read the full scientific theory and see the references, please download the whitepaper. Below is a basic overview.

In my own experience, it can not only feel very isolating in early motherhood, but you can feel like every decision or mistake is judged harshly. Sometimes, being around other mothers can feel like a pressure cooker of competition and judgement. Memo2You aims to break down these barriers and develop more empathy and cooperation between mothers.

There are 4 key elements as mentioned above to Memo2You:

  • To smile at yourself in the mirror. 

Smiling is such a powerful pose, firstly, it increases your own positive emotions and seeing yourself smiling can increase that further. Seeing yourself smile can help to build self-esteem and improve confidence. The more positive you feel, the more open you are to further positivity and to helping others.

  • To read an uplifting message written by a previous visitor.

To read an uplifting message from someone in a similar situation can develop a sense of acceptance and community. “We’re all in it together”. It can also develop a sense of connection with that person – without even knowing their name.

The power of gratitude is also important, feeling thankful to the person for this message can not only help you see more good in your own life, it’s also a stimulant to want to pass the good feeling on.

Both of the above promote further positive emotions.

  • To leave a positive message for the next visitor.

The feeling of gratitude continues into this action, wanting to pass on the good feeling and as “doing good, feels good” this promotes further positive emotions and a feeling of ‘elevation’.

You’re also tapping into your empathy stores, knowing that the next person could be feeling the same negative thoughts or having the same struggles you can dig deep and leave a message they’ll completely understand.

  • To take a card to continue the conversation online. 

Tapping back into gratitude again, you kinda want to know who left you the message and equally, you might want to see if the person who read your message – liked it! Plus, you know that others have come before you (and they’ll likely be local!) so to join the community online with further promote positive emotions and encourage them to continue.


Why would Memo2You be good for your establishment?

Essentially, this is a tool to help people feel better about themselves and you know what? When they feel better they feel good about the brand that made them feel that way.

If you have a baby changing unit in your cafe, coffee shop, retail establishment, leisure space – (or anywhere for that matter) AND you feel there is somewhere safe to install Memo2You, then get in touch.

There are no on-going costs, this is a feel-good exercise, you pay for the frame and stock up on the cards and then all we ask is you keep an eye on Memo2You and feedback on the comments you receive so we can improve it over time. We are in the process of manufacturing Memo2You at the moment so if you like to be on the list, please fill in your details. Pricing TBC.

P.S. For large orders, branded versions can be developed.

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